After visiting popular historical cities, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bath. My partner A and I both agreed that it is time to discover the UK’s hidden gems. And our first stop is Hastings, a place to beat the late-summer blues.

We didn’t know what to expect, as we only planned a quick weekend getaway. We mainly relied on Google Maps and decided to go with the flow really. It turned out to be a surprisingly good experience.

So I drew a simple map, not only to record our day trip, but also to share the itinerary with you!

1. Hastings Castle

Hastings Castle is the first attraction we visited, a place rich with historical heritage. The Battle of Hastings of 1066 is one of the best known events in British history, when William the conqueror defeated the troops of King Harold of England.

Honestly, we were not very satisfied with the castle. The place is not well maintained, we found trash on the premises. Given the fact that there is not much to see, at £6 per person is overpriced.

Even though the first stop was just okay, the rest of our journey was great, I promise! Next stop:

2. West Hill

Following the only path from outside of the castle and turning right, we ended up on West Hill. I enjoyed the great view from the top. A clear blue sky, as well as the colourful buildings in the town centre, made the scenery so pleasant and relaxing.

There are two routes to get down the hill. We took the North one, which led us through a tortuous but joyful path! We were impressed by the beautiful houses along the narrow ally, and the residents’ thriving front gardens.

3. High Street & Courthouse Street

Then we came across the High Street, where we found good quality and affordable wool felt hats. We also discovered quite a few antique shops around the area, which seem to be the main attraction. They are all quite unique, it feels like they are expressing the owner’s personality. I think this is the perfect place for finding unique pieces.

4. Stade Hall

As we got closer to the main road, the music became louder and louder. Out of curiosity, we walked into the event venue and saw a live music performance, a market and street food stands. So we had a simple lunch(pulled pork and chips!) and listened to the band playing, we were definitely enjoying the spontaneous afternoon.

5. All Saints’ Street

Another hidden gem in Hastings, if you are a traditional house lover. We were amazed by the Tudor-style houses on All Saints’ Street, it felt like walking through a living museum. The oldest house can be dated back to 1450. Just looking from the outside, you can see the ruthless effect of time on the fragile structure and its faded colours. A magical street.

6. East Hill

For those looking for a more outdoorsy adventure, East Hill is a must-go. You can either take the lift or stairs up to the top. We saw friends and families gathering together, having picnics. Another wonderful place to slow down, immerse yourself in the surrounding natural landscape and enjoy a gorgeous sunsets!

7. Undercliffe House

This was definitely the highlight of the day! We were very lucky to get a table outside, considering the restaurant was fully booked. Even though we had to wait a considerable amount of time, it was totally worth it! We had a traditional buttered cod fillet and a moules marinière main, both super tasty, especially the latter one. My moules marinière main was sweet and tender. Probably the best mussels I have ever had. Highly recommended!

Mandarin version: 蒐集英國小鎮 vol.1|濱海小鎮Hastings古董店一條街,山腳絕贊海鮮餐館

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